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Ed Axtell

Komedia Bath
22-23 Westgate Street Bath, BA1 1EP
Price:The Electric Bar: £7.00

Bath-based Ed Axtell is a singer-songwriter, inspired by Passenger, Ben Howard and Bon Iver. Bringing a profound frailty to a busy world and helping you hit pause on life. With transcendent bliss and romantic innocence, Ed will bring the warmth of home into your heart.

Ed aimed for a new atmosphere in his latest release. Being used to recording and producing his own releases, wanting to try experimenting with his sound from his previous release ‘Elijah’ to more atmospheric and ambient undertones in the newest single ‘The Lark’ released in the dying light of 2021.
With 2 releases under his belt, Ed is gearing up with a collection of 3 unheard releases nearing completion, hoping to continue to take brave strides in deepening
and discovering his place in the world of sound.

“The goal of ‘The Lark’ was simply to create a space of stillness in someone’s day, the opportunity for people to get lost down a rabbit hole of their own thoughts. I put ‘Elijah’ out there almost as a proof of concept, to show myself that I could record and release music. When I saw it was doing quite well, it enabled me to be more confident and creative with the production and recording of ‘The Lark’ and I think that really shows.”

“The songwriter has a familiar yet distinct, velvet voice that would make the phonebook sound like beautiful poetry” – Richer Unsigned
“Axtell’s vocals are earnest and touching, combining sensitivity with deep and emphatic passion” – Neck of the Woods
“What more could you want in life?” – Spotlight Sessions


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Ed Axtell