Bristol Bad Film Club presents… SAMURAI COP

Komedia Bath
22-23 Westgate Street Bath, BA1 1EP
Price:Arts Cafe: £8.00

Bristol Bad Film Club is coming to Bath with one of the most infamous ‘so bad, it’s great’ films of all time – SAMURAI COP!

Imagine a low-budget version of Lethal Weapon where Mel Gibson spends most of his time being racist to the Japanese, attempts to sleep with anything that moves and walks around in his pants a lot. That’s Samurai Cop, but there is so much more to this cult film than that…

Described as “both the best and the worst action film ever”, Samurai Cop is an unintentionally hilarious action film that sees San Diego cop Joe ‘Samurai’ Marshall dispatched to stop the drug-trafficking Yakuza cartel – The Katana Gang.

Made in 1990 by Iranian film maker Amir Shervan, Samurai Cop is a perfect storm of 80s cop movie cliches, over-the-top dialogue, weird editing, goofy fight scenes (that seem to constantly switch location) and a soundtrack that sounds like it belongs in a SEGA MasterSystem game.

Doors 7:30pm // ARTS CAFÉ: Unreserved Rowed Seating.

Please note that spaces are limited for this show – book early!

Ages 18+ only.

Please contact us if you have any specific requirements.

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Bristol Bad Film Club presents... SAMURAI COP