Hijack – Bless this Mess

Hijack – Bless this Mess

Punk inspired messy play where all 0-4yr old non-conformists to get shouty and messy, creative and experimental.

This is a very exciting new collaboration between two of Brighton’s favourite regular under 5s groups, Playpod and Sing your tiny socks off. Tom’s songs and interactive activities collide with Playpod’s very special brand of edible messy play.

‘We’ll make some noise, stomp on the floor, thrash some guitars and sing even more.
We’ll squish and squelch, mash and play, cause we don’t care what the grown ups say!’

Join us with your little pre-school punk rockers for a jam-packed session of multi-sensory fun and games. With messy exploration from ‘Playpod’ plus music and shadow-play from ‘Sing your tiny socks off’.

Things will get messy so please bring a towel and a change of clothes for both adult and child!



Bless this Mess 2



All 0-4yr old non-conformists welcome to get shouty and messy, creative and experimental.

Messy play is suitable for babies from sitting to four year olds.  This event is for preschoolers and due to the nature of the messy play it won’t be appropriate for older children to accompany younger ones.

0-4years (for the best experience babies need to be able to sit independently)

£5 for 1 child and 1 adult. 

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Hijack - Bless this Mess