Komedia Group

Komedia Venues
Komedia is in the top tier of live venue operators in the UK with multi award winning venues in Brighton and Bath. Komedia presents one of the largest, most diverse arts and entertainment programmes in the UK. Over the last 22 years Komedia has become one of the most influential comedy brands in the country.

Komedia Entertainment
Komedia Entertainment operates a management and production arm that has produced Fringe First, Perrier, Sony Radio and BAFTA Award recognised shows. Most notably over the last 14 years the company has supported the development of leading Character Comedian Count Arthur Strong, overseeing the transition from Edinburgh Fringe cult status to a fixture of BBC Radio and TV Comedy.

Komedia Productions
Komedia operates a charity that has three aims. To reach out particularly to disadvantaged children and young adults to be engaged with and inspired by their participation in the arts. To encourage and develop the cutting edge artists of the future. And to promote performance and visual arts to new audiences.