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Sundae Club

  • 11am (Doors 10:30am) Buy
    • Theatre Performance: Pigs & Bears Don't Come in Pairs
    • Creative craft workshop
    • Live Band: Swing Ninjas
  • 11am (Doors 10:30am) BuyLineup TBC
  • 11am (Doors 10:30am) BuyLineup TBC

*Please note, unfortunately the event in January 2021 has been cancelled. All customers have been contacted via email*


Book to see a wonderful children’s theatre show, followed by a creative craft workshop (GREEN TICKET) OR vice versa (YELLOW TICKET).  Bring your own picnic and yes…  ice cream sundaes are available!  Finish off the afternoon by dancing to a live band.

Sunday 26 April – Sundae Club Grandparents Special!

Sticky Back Theatre present Sunshine

All Mr Sand wanted to do was relax and enjoy the breeze of the sea air on his skin and the sunshine on his face. However, he did not know that he would have to share the beach with someone else. Let’s just say Mr Sand’s day was about to be turned upside down and inside out. Caught up in the whirl pool of Mr Sea’s chaos Mr Sand does everything he can to get a bit of peace and quiet. This interactive clowning spectacle is fun for all the family. 3+

Followed by a workshop thinking about friendships and connections, imagining and talking together to create.

The sea ebbs and flows over the sandy beach, sometimes they are separate, other times they are connected. What connects them? Is it the gifts that are left ashore by the sea for sand? Or is sand helping the sea by saving and collecting these gifts? Imagine you are walking together along the beach what would you like to find? What gifts could be left ashore? a starfish, pearls, a bottle with a message or something magical that is deep under the sea? Create your very own special gift.

Live band for April is OldPlay

OldPlay is a lively eight piece retro rock band from Brighton. With their set list entirely made up of classics from the sixties and seventies they are guaranteed to create that party feeling and get everyone dancing at any time of day.


Adult ticket £7 / Kids ticket £7 / (minimum one adult per 3 children)

Family Ticket £27 (entry for 4 people)

The perfect way to spend a Sunday morning with children ages 2 to 8.

Bring your own packed lunch!

Adult ticket £7 / Kids ticket £7 (minimum one adult per 3 children) / BABIES UNDER 2 GET IN FREE!

Family Ticket £27 (entry for 4 people)

Ages 2 – 8 years and families*. Book to see the 11am theatre show followed by a craft workshop (Green Group Ticket) or the 11am craft workshop followed by the theatre show  (Yellow Group Ticket)

* Sundae Club encourages families to take part in all the activities together, children should not be left unattended at any time. We also have limited buggy parking space so if you can do without yours that would be great!

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Sundae Club