Komedia is a Green Business

Energy: We have installed a 32kW Solar Array, on the roof of our building, which provides the majority of our energy. Our other energy is provided by companies that offer renewable energy sources. Our gas is carbon neutral and 10% is renewable biogas, generated from organic matter like food and farm waste here in Britain.

Recycling: We use local recycling company Recorra and currently recycle more than double the city’s average, including many items that most companies do not recycle. We recycle enough paper and card to save approximately 48 trees per year and our paper waste is made into packaging by Recorra and returned to public use. Annually we have removed over 30,000kg of carbon from being released into the environment.

Our Bars: We use glass to serve our drinks at all seated shows, but our licence stipulates we must serve in plastic for all standing events. We now use multiple use plastic cups to eliminate plastic waste. We have also stopped giving out plastic straws with our drinks.

Our Brewery: Our main brewery is family-owned beer supplier Shepheard Neame, based in the South-East. Their locality greatly reduces the carbon footprint of our beer deliveries. Shepheard Neame still use an ancient spring beneath their brewery and their onsite Water Recovery Plant recycles their wastewater. 97% of the grain and hops they use is recycled into animal feed for local farms. Our guest taps (both ale and lager) are always Sussex based brewers such as; Abyss, Dark Star, Gunn Brewery, Unbarred, Good Things Brewery and more.

Food: We offer an a range of plant-based food and vegan options and source our food from local businesses where possible, these include; Red Roaster, Real Patisserie, The Cheeseman, Brighton Sausage Company and more. All our meat is sourced from farms in the Home Counties. All the oil we use in our kitchen is recycled into renewable energy in the form of biodiesel.

Banking: We bank with Triodos, known as the world’s most sustainable bank. They are committed to ‘making the world a better place’ and are partners with Friends of the Earth. Triodos will only make investments in organisations designed to make a positive impact on society, culture and the environment.

Moving Paperless: We offer paperless ticketing. We also use Toucan Print, an eco-friendly printers and we have greatly reduced the amount of print we create in favour of digital media. We use hand dryers rather than paper towels, in our toilets, as our electricity is renewable.

Cleaning Products: We use Evans cleaning products, chosen because they develop chemicals that have the minimum environmental impact on the planet. They use the GreenTick system, which demonstrates which products can be proven to have the least impact and these are the products we use.