Komedia is a Green Business

Making the Right Decisions: Within all areas of Komedia we are looking to cut waste and become more environmentally friendly, we have made some major changes this year a few of which you can read about below:

Energy: Our energy provider supplies us with 100% renewable electricity. Good Energy also support carbon reductions schemes in Malawi, Vietnam and Nepal.

Recycling: We have recently moved to a local recycling company Paper Round and have exponentially increased the amount we recycle. On average we currently recycle more than double the cities average, including items that most companies do not, such as disposable coffee cups and nearly all forms of plastic. We recycle enough paper and card to save approximately 125 trees per year. Our paper waste is made into packaging by Paper Round and returned to public use immediately.

Our Bars: We use glass to serve our drinks at all seated shows but our licence stipulates we must serve in plastic for all standing events. As part of our environmental campaign we now use multiple use plastic cups in order to eliminate the tons of plastic we would otherwise have to dispose of. We have also stopped giving out straws with our drinks alongside other important changes to how we operate.

Our Brewery and Suppliers: Our main brewer is a family owned beer supplier based in the South East. Their locality greatly reduces the carbon footprint of our beer deliveries. Shepheard Neame still use an ancient spring beneath their brewery and their onsite Water Recovery Plant recycles the wastewater instead of sending it down the drain. 97% of the grain and hops they use is recycled into animal feed for local farms. Our guest taps (both ale and lager) are always Brighton based brewers, we take pride in supporting all our local suppliers, such as, Dark Star, Gunn Brewery, Unbarred, Good Things Brewery, Red Roaster, Real Patisserie breads and many more.

Food: We offer an array of plant based food and vegan options and source our food from local sources as much as possible. All our meat is free range and sourced from farms in the Home Counties.

Oil: All the oil we use in our kitchen is recycled into renewable energy in the form of bio-diesel.

Banking: We bank with Triodos, known as the world’s most sustainable bank. They are committed to ‘making the world a better place’ and are partners with Friends of the Earth. Triodos will only make investments in organisations designed to make a positive impact on society, culture and the environment.

Moving Paperless: We offer paperless ticketing, there is no need for our customers to print their e-tickets, they only need their name if they purchased via Komedia directly. We also use Toucan Print the eco-friendly printers. We use hand dryers rather than paper towels because our electricity is renewable.