Ugg ’n’ Ogg and the World’s First Dogg

Ugg ’n’ Ogg and the World’s First Dogg

From the award-winning creators of the hit children’s shows Pitschi the Kitten with Dreams and Oskar’s Amazing Adventures.

The truly, mind-boggling story of how a long, long time ago two hunter-gatherers, Ugg and Ogg, palled up with their enemies the wolves and together invented man’s best friend, the dog.

Join our two young heroes and the wolves Tooth ‘n’ Nail on their fun-packed comic adventure, and expect lots of flying meat bones, beat-boxing wolves, forest infernos, and even a time-travelling stick before you finally get the chance to pat the world’s first Dogg.

A wonderful Christmas time treat for the whole family (recommended 3+).

Stay on after the show to meet Ugg ’n’ Ogg and for the children to play with the puppets.

This Dogg is just for Christmas!

Theatre Fideri Fidera winner of the Primary Times Children’s Choice Award

★★★★★ “Outstanding. Every aspect of the production is marvellous. From the acting, which is pitched perfectly to the wide-eyed wee ones; to the puppets and puppetry, which are in turn beautifully constructed and wondrously brought to life; via the story itself which is full of heart and smiles.” Edinburgh 49

★★★★ “From the very start of the performance, the kids were captivated by the use lighting and movement to create suspense and – very quickly – came laughter.” Edinburgh Life With Kids

★★★★ “Genuinely funny and energetic and the adults in the audience were laughing just as much as the kids …  A brilliant mix of story, song, and puppeteering.” Families Edinburgh Magazine



ALL AGES (Recommended 3+)

A relaxed & signed performance will take place on Saturday 28th December at 2pm

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Ugg ’n’ Ogg and the World’s First Dogg